Condo delays

January 2006, my mom put the down-payment on a condo at the Scona Gardens development. It was a 1000 square foot, 2-bedroom, fourth storey condo. It was supposed to be done approximately September 2006.

This is why I moved into an apartment with a month-to-month lease in late April 2006. Now over a year later I’m still waiting.

It’s understandable that construction projects are delayed all around the province with so much new construction and so few workers to fill the jobs, but it’s still really frustrating. Delays have included elevators, cement pouring, and a million other things I’m sure.

Now in September my lease is changing to a year-long contract at $850/month instead of $640/month month-to-month. So unless the construction process really speeds up and finishes (fingers crossed), I’m going to run into some difficulties for the start of school.