A solution to the homeless problem?

So there is a lot of tension in the city of Edmonton right now. A tent city of about 200 residents currently exists, and there are thousands of other homeless in the city. Part of this is due to the fact the average rent has risen somewhere around 10-20% (or more) since last year (my rent was $600 when I moved in here May/06, and will be $850 for whoever moves in Sept/07). This has put a lot of people out on their own with nowhere to live. The current occupancy is somewhere below 1% in Calgary and Edmonton.

So how do we fix this?

The idea I have is that if premier Ed Stelmach really cares at all, he can open his own door and let some people move in with him. If he’s not willing, perhaps some people should just start knocking his door down.

At the very least action like this would prompt him to explain where the supposed housing for these people are.

3 thoughts on “A solution to the homeless problem?”

  1. Yes its the government’s job to give bums a home.
    Evolution has shown them to be unfit. Let them reap the fruits of their labour and die off. Well intentioned socialism hurts the gene pool.

  2. What is this, revolutionary France? We do not need proles farting in the palaces of their betters just for the sake of feeling good about ourselves!

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