Not seeing the Happening

If you thought The Core was weak on science, listen to this bit about M. Night Shamalan’s (because ghosts and aliens weren’t enough of a reach) new movie “The Happening“:

M. Night Shyamalan’s critically-panned flick The Happening is Hollywood’s first blockbuster to promote the anti-evolutionary theory of intelligent design. Maybe you thought Ben Stein’s ill-fated documentary Expelled was the only movie to argue in favor of the neo-Christian idea that an “intelligent designer” created the universe. Think again. With its references to “unexplained acts of nature” and a science teacher main character who calls evolution “just a theory,” The Happening is basically a giant propaganda machine for intelligent design. Maybe science journalists are jizzing all over its allegedly realistic plants-attack-humans plot, but we talked to Shyamalan and we know the truth.

Avowed Christian Shyamalan told us that The Happening is really about religious faith, and explained that he chose Mark Wahlberg to play science teacher Elliot Moore because of the actor’s intense belief in Jesus. [emphasis added]

Oddly enough, I came across this gem of a description from Uncommon Descent (I’m not going to link them).  They go on to describe how this is just the start of the “culture war” between evolution and fundie-creationism, I think that’s a hidden concession they failed to convince anyone that ID is science (since it isn’t).

If you think there’s any reason to see this shoddy attempt at “science”-fiction, read the rest of the review (spoilers) that’s at io9.

One thought on “Not seeing the Happening”

  1. I love the “it’s just a theory” argument that the Fundies love to throw around.

    Gravity is “just a theory.” I don’t suppose they’re going to walk around calling people Newtonists for accepting gravity, are they? It’s only when “theories” contradict their precious Bible do they make stupid comments like, “It’s just a theory.”

    Theories aren’t guesses, and they’re not hypotheses. Theories have withstood rigorous scientific scrutiny and, would you believe it – they have even been scientifically proven.

    All of these religious nutcases: Ben Stein, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, and now Shyamalan are throwing their careers down the toilet in the hopes of forcing their religion on the world.

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