War, Inc.

If you’ve been looking for a movie that combines John Cusack’s typical self-loathing character with sharp political satire on the war in Iraq and profiteering, the movie War, Inc. is for you.

Although it sometimes goes a bit absurd, it’s generally sharp, funny, and a bit scary (in that all satire has just enough truth in it). The greatest image of the entire movie has to be that of tanks rolling through the streets of Emerald City, Turaqistan with billboards plastered all over them. Some of the great dialogue can be found when Cusack’s character (a hitman undercover as a trade show organizer) walks into the trade show and announces the stage must be at the East end of the tent, so that the Muslims won’t have to turn away from the stage five times a day. He then asks his coworkers to remember to be “culturally sensitive.”

All in all I though it was a great film, despite some of the lesser reviews (despite what they think, this is not a Dr. Strangelove-esque movie).