No defense for Onfray

I am giving up attempting to get through Michael Onfray’s “In Defense of Atheism.” He started off strong, and often sounds very bitter and spiteful toward religion, however there isn’t much more to him than arguments you could find elsewhere (and stated more enjoyable and eloquently).

I liked his review of materialistic and atheistic philosophers through the ages and the often repressed view that needed to be said, but beyond that I found little to keep reading for (FYI I quit after just entering the section on Christianity which made quite a few major accusations with no referential backings).

There are much better books out there discussing atheistic philosophy, look for them.

It also doesn’t help that I have Austin Dacey’s The Secular Conscience and C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity on my shelf (the former I look forward to reading, but the latter I will read in its entirety).

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