Concentrated Crazy

I have always known American conservative right-wing journals existed. I also always new they were biased. But I had never even imagined that something like American Daily existed.

I should also say that I am fairly certain this is not a parody site.

As you can see from the screenshot they feature a lot of crazy right away.  You have a bunch of alternative medicine ads and links (they don’t limit their customers to the hippy-left), some global warming denialism links, an ad for a gun rights conference, Ronald Regan quotes, a made up fact about a supposed on-coming ice age, and fear-mongering about Islam.  And we haven’t even gotten to the article yet.

The article that brought me to this site (through search engines) is entitled “Sneaking Intelligent Design into Schools,” and I’m not sure whether they mean that’s what they’re doing, and they’re proud of it, or if it’s just catchy sounding to them.

Bobby Jindal, who may well be the next Ronald Reagan, has cruised through the Louisiana Legislature a new law which will allow schools in Louisiana to use the best materials available in teaching children about such hot topics for Leftists as Darwinian evolution and global warming. The ACLU and other predictable enemies of religion have already begun hissing at the new statute, warning that any attempt to introduce – gasp! – the Bible into public education will be met with a legal blitzkrieg.

That’s just the first paragraph.  I don’t think I can actually stomach deconstructing the entire article, or even this paragraph.

I will talk a little about Bobby Jindal though.  Jindal got an Bachelor’s in honours biology and public policy before getting a masters in political science.  He is the youngest current govenor, and governs Louisiana.  He is also the first (East) Indian governor.  There was speculation for a time that Jindal may become the running mate to John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination, but that has since passed.

The good things about Jindal:

  • He allows for operations that would save a mother’s life that result in the loss of a pregnancy
  • He supports emergency contraceptives for rape victims.

The not-so-good things about Jindal (from a left-leaning view):

  • He has a 100% pro-life voting record
  • He completely opposes abortion
  • He is opposed to embryonic stem-cell research and voted against increasing federal funding to expand embryonic stem cell lines
  • He voted to make the PATRIOT act permanent
  • He voted for the 2006 Military Commissions act (“To authorize trial by military commission for violations of the law of war, and for other purposes.”)
  • He supports a constitutional amendment to outlaw flag burning
  • He supports federal ID programs
  • Gun Owners of America gives him an A
  • He supports co-payments for Medicaid, which would force low-income or disabled families to pay back a portion of what they get for health care
  • He supports removing bans on offshore drilling on the outer continental shelf
  • He supports teaching Intelligent Design in science classrooms (hence the “Best Materials” bill from the article above)
  • Finally, he signed the “Sex Offender Chemical Castration Bill” which allows the government to chemically castrate certain sex offenders

Perhaps he is the next Ronald Regan, or worse.

3 thoughts on “Concentrated Crazy”

  1. What’s wrong with a Sex Offender Chemical Castration Bill? That sounds like a suitable punishment to me. I haven’t really thought about it that much, but it seems like a rather effective solution.

  2. When I first heard it I thought of something that would be classified as cruel and unusual…

    I haven’t really thought about that one too much, my issue would be whether or not something like that would be permanent – i.e. what happens if someone reforms (something Christians can identify with)?

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