Spore attacked by ‘militant’ atheists

(Originally posted on Edger, I added additional commentary here)

Will Wright, creator of the Sim games, is releasing a new game entitled Spore later this year, in which gamers will be able to play god for a world, developing life from single-celled organisms, to space-faring civilizations.

Religion can even develop in the game, which according to Wright, has only been criticized by ‘militant atheists.’ Wright describes himself as an atheist.

No reactions have hit the blogosphere yet regarding religion in Spore, but I personally don’t see how ‘militant’ atheists could have an issue with religion in a game. This story seems like Wright may disagree with people like Dawkins and Hitchens who argue that we don’t need to be friendly anymore.

This really annoys me, since there’s this perception that people like Dawkins, PZ Myers, etc. are these angry, hot-headed rage-a-holics out to eat babies and destroy religious belief at any and all costs. When in fact they are described as generally nice people, most married, who live productive and happy lives. When they do talk about religion, they don’t “preach” intolerance, they don’t physically attack (as the word militant would imply), they merely suggest that there shall be no sacred cows, and that everything should be up for debate. How horrible it is that someone says something about the validity of your belief, he must be a vicious, angry lowlife.

I used to play a lot of Sim games (I don’t play many video games anymore due to time), and likely will play again in the future, but these comments do push me to a bit more annoyance with Will Wright.

In earlier news, Wright declard that Spore was performing at 38% the capacity of God, since it acheived 1,589,000 species in 18 days, which took God 7 (according to Wright, several commenters correctly pointed out God created all the animals in two days).