SHUFFL is dead, Long live SHUFFL!

Lethbridge blogger Dr. Jim is back after an unexpected hiatus from SHUFFL, which was taken offline at recently. His new blog “Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop and Tea Room” is up and running now.

It looks like he’s up to the same old tricks, but I would expect he may venture beyond old SHUFFL territory (much as I try to not limit myself to atheism, but also dabble in physics, politics, etc.):

this is my new blog and I would like to apologize to all the fans of my previous blog, SHUFFL, for the rude eradication thereof. Whoops. What the heck was I thinking? Anyway, I’m hoping to have a bit more fun here in a venue that will be a little less focused than SHUFFL. This means that rather than just “atheistical” or secularesque issues, I can talk about other stuff, too.

It’s good to see him back online. Update your feeds and give him some readers.