Canada to Dion: not buying it

CBC is often criticized as a very “Liberal-friendly” news source, however I didn’t exactly find a basis for such a statement in today’s article: “Conservative lead widens, poll suggests“. My first though was that the Conservatives are actually doing better, but alas to my rejoice I found the following new poll data:

The Tories have dropped one percentage point over a week, and the Liberals are down three points.

The NDP is up two points at 17 per cent, and the Greens are also up two points at 11 per cent.

The Bloc Québécois (BQ), which is running candidates in Quebec alone, is unchanged at eight per cent.

Basically, what they report is that the Liberals are losing ground, but to the NDP and Greens.

What I really find interesting is that now if the NDP and Greens pooled support, they would defeat the Libearls for the opposition status (the Liberals have 23% support in the poll).

With a couple weeks to go it’s just a matter of Jack Layton convincing the rest of his potential supporters that he has the best platform to tackle Canada’s environmental difficulties.

Interestingly enough, the poll also asked who Canadian’s thought would be the best leader, and Layton came out far ahead of the rest (especially Harper and Dion who placed last):

Layton’s ranking is 16, the BQ’s Gilles Duceppe 12, the Green’s Elizabeth May 10, the Conservatives’ Stephen Harper four, and Dion minus 24.

2 thoughts on “Canada to Dion: not buying it”

  1. It’s nice that Layton is on top, but what I find concerning is that Duceppe is second place. How the hell could that guy be a leader for Canada? If he becomes PM, it’ll be “OK, Quebec is its own country, I’m going to go run it. Goodbye.”

    1. Well at least it’s technically impossible for Duceppe to win – seeing as he’s running candidates in Quebec only, and I know they have less than 50% of the seats in Canada. Perhaps it’s not so much a Duceppe is good, as the rest aren’t.

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