For Kevin Hunter, the Communist

I can respect a man like Kevin Hunter. He’s running for the Marxist-Leninists in Alberta, and that takes galls.

I’m not sure he’s out there to win, but dammit if he wants to get his message across.

The heart of his message: we are in a dire democratic deficit (hey alliteration nuts), and our wealth needs to be controlled by us, the people.

At the first forum, he talked a bit too much about monopolies and the “big business parties,” but at the Garneau United Church forum he was more eloquent and focussed on building a stronger democracy.

I should also point out, King’s University College was arrogant enough to not invite him to their forum. I urge you to email King’s at and complain about their attempted silencing of democracy.

So, to help him and his often under-heard message, I have pledged to repost their pretty slick ad (quicktime mov, click if video doesn’t appear), which gets very minimal and abysmally late air times from the CRTC.