Claudette Roy: Lying before she gets elected

Here’s a graph from a pamphlet of Claudette Roy’s going around:

Now, there’s a few things to notice right away:

  1. There’s an incomplete labelling of the x-axis. I guess we are to assume the red is the Liberal party, but there is that little guy on the right, and there’s also the idea that the three bars actually indicate Conservative/Reform since it blends across all three. For now let’s assume what she meant was to label them: NDP, Liberal, Progressive Conservative/Alliance/Reform/Conservative Party of Canada, other.
  2. There’s no y-axis label. Let’s assume this is percentage of the vote. For a teacher, she’s not very good with the graphs.
  3. The “Other” category is pretty high. I mean, the Green Party has only gotten as high as 7% of the vote, and has only run in 2 elections since 1993. Where did all those votes come from?
  4. Read that title and think about it. “Averaged Percentage of the Edmonton-Strathcona Vote since 1993.” What does that even mean? Really, we should take a look at Jennie’s graph that I’ll borrow from Democratic Space:

Here we see the Liberals losing ground fast, and the NDP gaining a lot of ground. In fact, the NDP have increased their vote share by 9% for the past two years, were nearly double the Liberal vote last year, and if they continue that climb (which it is predicted they will).

On the reverse of this pamphlet we see a “Memory Check”:

Jack Layton joined with Stephen Harper to bring down Paul Martin’s Liberal government in 2006.

The Harper government is a result of this NDP irresponsible action.

Yeah, it hates to lose, doesn’t it?

But even more than that, I would call the Harper governments continued existence to be a fault that rests squarely on the shoulder’s of the Liberal’s who have propped him up or abstained on every key vote since he was elected. Where’s that information in your brochure Claudette?

The fall of the Liberal government forced the end of the Kelowna Accord, Ken Dryden’s childcare program, and Canada’s commitment to the Kyoto Agreement and to Canada’s commitment to Africa.

The NDP has to accept responsibility for this.

I would say they do and have worked toward better solutions and plans. Take the Climate Change Accountability Act for an example.

Just because you lost your majority doesn’t mean we’re just going to give you another one. The Liberals reek of entitlement. Didn’t their parents teach them to share with the other children?

Jack Layton and Stephen Harper conspired to keep Elizabeth May out of the 2008 Leaders’ Debate and only relented in the face of an outraged Canada.

And the NDP call themselves democrats?

No, Stephen Harper didn’t want to debate May who was lining up to be a Dion cheerleader who gained an illegitimate seat in parliament days before the election, and upon hearing that Harper wouldn’t debate Layton refused to be there unless Harper was. The media then blew it up as a conspiracy to keep May out.

And finally (this is in obnoxious sized print):

Only the Liberal Party can change government.

All the polls and seat projections show the Liberals as the only alternative to the Conservatives.

A vote for any other party is a vote for the Conservatives.

The seat projections do not show you winning this riding Claudette. In this case, a vote for you is a vote for the Conservatives.

Now let me ask you (voters of Edmonton-Strathcona), is this the kind of person you want in Ottawa? I mean if she’s willing to lie and misrepresent the world to you before she’s even elected, just imagine what she’d do after.

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