My letter made it

Unfortunately, I was in Toronto over the weekend and was unable to pick up a copy of the Journal, which featured my letter, blasting their psychic on the cover. This one appeared mostly unedited (save for formatting). (Thanks to Brian)

The Edmonton Journal
Published: Saturday, October 18

Re: “Can’t wait for results? Ask Nadia,” and “The hand we’re dealt in city’s close races,” The Journal, Oct. 14.

I was impressed by the obvious clairvoyant talent of Nadia Mitchell, and The Journal’s willingness to promote her to the front page of the election-day issue. Specifically, I find it nearly unbelievable that she predicted, in Edmonton-Strathcona, for us to “look forward to a male kind of taking the lead.”

Perhaps Rahim Jaffer took this advice into account while giving his early acceptance speech.

Unfortunately, the cards were a bit misleading in this case and, in the end, Nadia didn’t tell us anything the day’s polls could not have. If Nadia wants to truly prove her talent, perhaps she could have given us a vote breakdown or overall seat total as opposed to wild speculations.

I expected more from The Journal.

Ian Bushfield, Western Canadian regional director, Centre for Inquiry, Edmonton