An unpublishable reply

Apparently, as an opinion writer for the Gateway, you don’t get the liberty of having an opinion. So to give a giant middle finger to the Gateway, I will publish my letter to the editor in response to their Arts & Entertainment Editor’s article “Admin outsources convocation fight” here:

Although the process to get the convocation ratified is bureaucratic and slow, would Mr. Kmech prefer an administration that arbitrarily passed down decisions from on high? Were the credit card and Lister FC issues so long ago that Mr. Kmech has forgotten how when the University makes sweeping decisions, often students are the ones being swept?

The price of democracy is that of efficiency. To best gather opinions and make an informed decision, I applaud the administration’s current use of the GFC committee, and would rather see a rational discussion that is open to debate then continued closed, back room decisions.

With luck, the administration will continue to take students views into consideration, rather than move dictatorially as Mr. Kmech would have them do.

Ian Bushfield
President, UofA Atheists and Agnostics
Engineering Physics V

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  1. Then why did you originally submit your grievance to admin, and whine when they wouldn’t ‘fix’ it for you? Get a grip, ian. You’re becoming known as the crazy fucker on campus.

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