Support the UAAA

Do you support the actions the University of Alberta Atheists and Agnostics so far this semester?

  • The club has received national media attention for it’s campaign for a secular convocation.
  • We have had large turnouts for all of our Liquid Rationalisms this semester.
  • We had about 40 people show up for our kickoff event in September – a showing of an episode of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos.
  • We are having Dan Barker speak in a couple weeks on “Can you be moral without God?”
  • We are bringing PZ Myers to Edmonton in January, likely to debate the existence of God with Campus for Christ.
  • We also came together after our banner was vandalized and hung a new banner.
  • We will likely be participating in an interfaith discussion on the existence of God with the Muslim Students’ Association at the end of November (more details to come).
  • Three of our four-person executive attended the Student Groups Leadership Summit this year.

If so, I’m going to go shameless here and ask you potentially do a couple of things:

Support the group directly through a PayPal Donation (only recently set up):

The Centre for Inquiry (with a new community in Calgary) and the Secular Student Alliance (who is helping us bring in Dan Barker).

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