I get more mail

This one ranks among my favourite “fan” mail pieces:

Good Evening,

Just when one is beginning to think that all view points are valuable on a university campus, I learned of your Godless, heretical, and heathen group.

Using our degrees for the glory of God is the only reason to obtain a degree in the first place. Life has no other purpose then for this.

Your nauseatingly corrupt, decadent, and moral-less ideas have no place on campus, nor in Alberta.

Furthermore, you see the use of the word ‘God’ as unwelcoming an exclusive? What are the majority of people, who are correct and believe in the one true God supposed to feel when a small group of brainless radicals forces their will onto the rest of us? Seems to me you are making us feel unwelcome as well.

Two groups with two opposing views? The only solution is to side with the majority (who are undoubtedly correct in this instance) and harm as few people as possible.

Finally, those who do not believe in a Christian God should feel that they are unwelcome at a university convocation ceremony which uses the word God to which they oppose. Do you know why? Because they ARE unwelcome!

If you do not chose to worship the Lord I can not force you to. I can however pray to Him that he helps you to correct the error of your ways, to forgive you for your sins, and to deliver you by the grace of His mercy from the fires of Hell for which you are currently bound for.

The Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with You!

The best parts:

  1. The talk about “all viewpoints are valuable” except ones that disagree with you.
  2. That we (the UAAA) has “nauseatingly corrupt, decadent, and moral-less ideas” and;
  3. those ideas have no place on campus or even in Alberta (I guess if this guy’s the majority he’s right).
  4. When there’s “two opposing views” the best bet is to “side with the majority.”
  5. We’re apparently rightly unwelcome at a public, secular university.
  6. This guy is actively praying for myself and my group. Perhaps he could put that time to better use? (Note: Habitat for Humanity is a mission, so he will still be doing God’s work.)

6 thoughts on “I get more mail”

  1. Wow, if the majority is to rule, it’s a good thing Trudeau was able to slip in that Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms before this letter writer graduated.

    And since when were the majority of Canadians or even Albertans such rabid God-lovers? Hoooeeee.

    I wonder if the rest of us pray that these nutbars get a life then will that have any effect. Personally, I’m thinking God’s a little too busy minding the destruction of the planet to care about convocations.

    Good luck on your protest…seems perfectly valid to me to remove God from a secular setting where people of all religions should be welcome.

  2. I think you should present this to the GFC, it’s one of the best arguments that the current charge is not inclusive.

  3. I agree with Devin, letters like this need to be presented as evidence of just how non-inclusive the current charge is.

    These letters just frighten me though. As retarded as they are, it just makes me so sad to find out I was wrong to think that I lived in a place better than this. On the other hand, though, these people (psychos) are a minority, just like the KKK is.

  4. As is often the case (and because he purrs when his ego’s stroked), Devin’s right. After seeing the Provost’s letter in the Journal’s online extras you linked to, I think this would be the final nail in the coffin of the pledge — so long as it’s framed as an example of active exclusionary thinking due to the language in the pledge.

    However, be cautious: This fellow may not be connected to the University in any way, shape, or form, and thus his opinion probably won’t hold any weight on its own.

    1. He actually is a former student. He’s now in Political Studies graduate school at UofC studying “Western Alienation” – go figure.

      That said though, I don’t think the Provost’s office is looking for more reasons to change (he understands that a change is needed), just potential suggestions.

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