Secular convocation news, again

It’s been a few weeks since the secular convocation at the UofA issue was in the news, but now we’ve got some more recent hits.

4 thoughts on “Secular convocation news, again”

  1. Have you actually read the proposed change? It’s fairly superficial, and seems to fall significantly short of what you want.

    Although, personally, I’m actually willing to swallow it. Cudos to this committee.

    1. I have, I was at the meeting and heard all 4 proposed changes. I’m also on GFC so I’ll get a say on potentially amending it or offering an alternative. This charge is okay but not ideal (it’s definitely bulky).

  2. For me, this reminds me of Robert Lomas’ response to a question regarding his belief in a higher power.

    In Turning the Hiram Key, Lomas reveals the entire initiatory ceremony of the Free Masons. Before he was allowed to initiate Lomas was asked if he believed in a higher power. He realized that he could answer affirmatively as while he was an atheist, he believed in the laws of physics as a higher power.

    Similar to this proposed change: an atheist could say to themselves: well, I don’t have a god. A practicing Hindu can also find a place for their own particular religion within the change.

    I agree it isn’t ideal. In my view, keeping the original wording was ideal, but I’m certainly willing to accept this change.

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