Calgary Herald Christmas Eve FAIL

Oh being home for the holidays… it means I get to read the Calgary Herald again. If you remember back, in Easter I wrote how the Herald (but not Edmonton Journal) took the holiday to bash atheists and non-Christians, well they’re at it again.

This article provides a fun diatribe about how atheists are trying to rid the word Christmas from our lexicon (we’re not, I just don’t want the state enforcing any one worldview over another) and denying our history (which will lead to some untold consequences).

New immigrants are not to blame for this denial of our history. (That would be atheists from the dominant culture, who use official multiculturalism as their excuse to quell Christianity.)

If that’s not enough, they also choose to print the story of Jesus’ birth from the Gospel of Luke and use the front page to say “Merry Christmas” and link to all the religious services going on over the holidays.

One promising irony, however, is their poll (poll is on bottom right and may be gone after Christmas) which asks if readers are planning on attending a religious service over the holidays has a whopping 67% saying No.

I did forward this poll to Pharyngula for crashing nonetheless, but it does redeem me a little to see the Herald’s religious overtones fall on somewhat deaf ears.

And a Merry Santamas, Christmas, Squidmas, Solstice, or whatever you choose (or choose not to) celebrate, and I’ll be back in the New Year!

2 thoughts on “Calgary Herald Christmas Eve FAIL”

  1. For what it’s worth, the Journal did a bit better — though it still has the giant Merry Christmas frieze, they also had Scott McKeen attacking the “war on christmas” pundits. (It isn’t perfect, of course; he takes the time to assert his own faith. Still, it’s better than the Herald.) They also published a letter pointing out Christmas’ assimilation by the Christians, which had my grandmother up in righteous indignation.

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