MLAs may take pay cut? Too good to be true

First the good news:

The Alberta government will review upcoming MLA raises and revisit hefty hikes approved last year, Premier Ed Stelmach said in Calgary Friday.

That’s reasonable, but oddly admirable of our premier, what’s the catch?

“We’re in this together,” the premier said after a media conference at the Calgary Drop-In Centre. “I am not going to ask any sacrifices from the public sector of the province of Alberta if we’re not willing to sacrifice ourselves.”

Wait… I think this means he’s going to ask for sacrifices from the public sector.

What will this look like? Pay cuts, removal of rights to strike, benefit cuts? It definitely doesn’t sound like it promises to be an economic stimulus.

Here’s a hint Ed: taking money out of people’s pockets is not a good way to get them to spend more money and get an economy going.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens in his budget. Either way, I’m likely out of this province in 7 months.