Does Harper just hate women?

Well, the budget’s out.

Lots of spending, tax cuts, and wishful thinking that this path will achieve a balanced budget by 2013. No surprises there.

Here’s some big issues though:

The budget also contains no mention of childcare spaces and maintains the attack on women’s ability to pursue pay equity complaints.

Honestly Steve, what do you have against women?

Does your wife support these measures?

Here’s hoping Iggy calls bullshit tomorrow rather than in a few months when it’s convenient for him. To let this budget pass is to say that Canada has two parties that don’t believe women have equal rights in the workplace.

Update: It’s worth going to the source, which states:

Structural Changes

Budget 2009 includes three structural changes, which were announced in the November 27, 2008 Economic and Fiscal Statement:

The existing complaint-based pay equity regime is a lengthy, costly and adversarial process that does not serve employees or employers well. Legislation to modernize the pay equity regime for federal public sector employees will be introduced. [emphasis added]

4 thoughts on “Does Harper just hate women?”

  1. If the liberals vote for this budget with women losing those rights, it says that liberals don’t value those voters enough to stand up. Time to stand away from the liberals.
    Reminds me of last year when libs backed down in supporting the bloc bill on anti-scab labour. Libs like to talk progressive, but they walk like cons.

  2. Oh no, don’t think Harper or Flaherty Hate women, as much as they hate social systems. Investing in social systems like preschool, heath care professional training, etc; help each of us now and prepare us for the future.

    Harper and Flaherty are simply in denial. A few shiny new highways as monuments to their rule over us is not going help any of us today or in the future.

    Harper and Flaherty HATE everyone who cares about their own and their children’s future, because under them our future is hopeless.

    1. Is or should all training be up to the Government??? What about personal responsibility including the responsibility for your kids. Our society is full of people blaming all their ills on somebody as long as not on themselves. This type of chaos creates numerous problems with no solutions. Is it any wonder most of the major economies are in trouble?

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