Coalition no more

We were all certain in some part of our head since the proroguation, but with Ignatieff giving Harper back the political power in Canada, I formally remove my support for a Liberal-NDP coalition in this country. (As such the Coalition Bloggers button has been removed.)

Ignatieff likely did what’s best for himself and the Liberal Party, but that doesn’t mean he did what’s best for Canada.

5 thoughts on “Coalition no more”

  1. There are leaders and followers.

    The Liberals don’t need a leadership contest, because they already have one.

    And his name is Harper. The Liberal leadership constant follow Harper. We are actually Conservatives and didn’t know it.

  2. Those supporting the Liberal party always have been, and will be sheep.

    Of course their sheepery is only bested by NDP supporters who actually think socialism works….

  3. I thought the Coalition would be our answer to the Obama movement.
    I thought the potential was HUGE> we could have brilliant Canadians engaged and exchanging ideas, solutions, networking, and we would leave all that old boys, party schrumping behind.
    Well, you might say that I’m a dreamer….
    Now, I’m just DEPRESSED.

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