NFLD Liberals don’t support Iggy, and neither do Albertan ones

The majority of Liberal MPs in Newfoundland are now against the Ignatieff-Harper budget. The total is now four (of 6) from Newfoundland who pledge to vote against their party and the budget that’s wrong for Canada.

I think it’s worth noting that no Liberal MPs from Alberta will be voting for the budget (mainly because they don’t exist), and many of the conservative academics would also vote against it.

It seems unlikely that the minor mutiny will sway the party though, as Ignatieff’s amendment to ask for report cards was passed overwhelmingly with 214-84 votes (oddly this only totals 298, which means, excluding the speaker, that 3 people were absent today).

Ignatieff is supposedly in talks with Harper and Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams (Progressive Conservative and founder of the “ABC: Anyone but Conservative” campaign last election):

Ignatieff was talking to Premier Danny Williams and Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a bid to find some resolution to the issue, insiders said. He also spoke to the Harper again Monday night.

I wouldn’t hold my breath that Iggy will care enough about Newfoundland to risk an election or coalition over.

I do appreciate MPs that stand up for their constituents however.

4 thoughts on “NFLD Liberals don’t support Iggy, and neither do Albertan ones”

  1. Talk Talk Talk. There was plenty of time to have done that before. Before Ignatieff did his Chief Probation Officer thing.
    I have lost HOPE.
    My party was a Coalition.

  2. Ditto, my party was the coalition, and any warm fuzzies I acquired for the liberals – well just maybe they can be trusted to keep their “promises” – made me feel like Charlie Brown. No this is the same liberal party that I have grown to detest – just about power and all about them. Yuk.
    No wonder Iggy was only a Harvard academic dude – sure knows nothing about bargaining. He completely sold out for 3 media spots in the sun – sure showed his true colours. To hell with women, workers and so on. What an egotistical dick.

  3. Dion was bullied by Harper.
    Michael was not a man to be bullied.
    Instead he joined Harper and supported an incredibly poor budget which does nothing to help create a real economic recovery.

    Our best hope is to be dragged out of this major economic correction, which may be come a depression, by the good planing and foresight of others.

    The problem with being dragged out, is you finish dead last in a worse condition than everyone else.

  4. If the supreme kangaroo court of canukistan hadn’t contravene the constitution where by all of the provinces are supposed to own, control and be the primary beneficiary of their own non-renewable resources we wouldn’t of needed the Atlantic Accord and non of this would be an issue.
    Equality or Exit!

    The Canadian confederation is a sham. It is nothing more than. Tyranny of the majority, Per Capita Colonialism, Democratic Discrimination by all of the national proxy parties of the majority ON/QU against the minority, Reverse robin hood. Steal from the poor minority and give to the vote rich majority. And those are the nice terms. Don’t give us your crap about feed us please on a per capita basis NL’ians have contributed four times as much as the next nearest province.


    Under the Atlantic Accord NL was supposed to be the principal beneficiary of the resources on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland when the Accord was signed in 1985 by the Mulroney-Peckford governments. Mulroney oxymoronically said that he was not afraid to inflict prosperty on NL. During the Chretien government, the primary beneficiary was clearly Ottawa. Martin, the then finance minister took over top job and was likely embarrassed by his government’s unashamed rip off of the intent of the Atlantic Accord. During a preelection visit, he agreed to a one time payment of 2 billion dollars to make amends. The Liberals tried to weasel out of the commitment. Williams had a fit, flags down, etc. One disturbing comment made by an Ottawa minion at that time was NL will pay (for this acrimony). In the new budget, Ontario gets $1 billion and NL looses $1.6 billion. It is a puzzle to me how the feds can unabashedly change these agreements/accords. What became of the principle ‘a contract is a contract’ a la Churchill Falls. Incidentally, the equalization payments beginning in January 2009: Ontario – $347 million Quebec – $8.35 billion Manitoba – $2.1 billion New Brunswick – $1.69 billion Nova Scotia – $1.57 billion P.E.I. – $340 million NL – $O

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