Why aren’t you reading this blog?

I’m not asking why you’re not reading my blog (if you’re here you already are reading it), but I want to point out this: Alberta Senator Hullabaloos.

It’s the blog of Senator Elaine McCoy (from Alberta), who writes from one of the most unique views in Canada.

Her political experience comes as a former PC MLA in Alberta, and contester of the 1993 Alberta Tory Leadership. After losing to Ralph Klein, she quit the legislature, and then was appointed to the senate in 2005 by then Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin.

But don’t assume from her history with the Alberta Tories that she’s a Harpercon right-winger. In fact, many of her latest posts blast the Prime Minister:

There’s no question that Mr. Harper has failed to demonstrate an incisive ability to grasp the nature of the current situation. He offers no vision, no inspired path forward, to help Canada bridge the recession. Instead, he has once again tried to buy everyone off. How ironic it would be if dissatisfaction arose to such a pitch that accountability reports prove to be the silver bullet that finally puts an end to his cynical plays for power.

She also seems to be a strong advocate of Senate reform and a green inovations:

If Harper is to proceed with Senate reform, he needs to forgo his personal vision and heed, instead, what Canadians want from their fine institutions.

The other half of the equation for electric vehicles (EV) โ€“ a plug-in network that taps into renewable energy sources โ€“ got a boost today when Better Place (BP) announced its arrival in Toronto.

I know I’m adding this to my blogroll, and I think it’s worthy of most Canadian political junkies to check out.

Now if only more elected (and unelected) bureaucrats and politicians to reach out like this, we may actually reinvigorate the Canadian electorate.


5 thoughts on “Why aren’t you reading this blog?”

  1. What’s amazing is I thought you meant your blog.

    Which, even though I’m not an atheist, I do have on my blog roll. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll add her as well, I do enjoy her posts.

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