Edmonton to lose its Pride

According to the Edmonton Journal, the Edmonton Pride Centre has had it’s charitable status revoked by the federal government.

The centre says they only have a month or so of money left without charitable status and then they may be forced to close.

This is a terrible loss for the city, as a centre like this provides safety and information for Edmontonians, regardless of their sexual orientation.

But apparently the federal government didn’t like their predecessor the Gay and Lesbian Community Centre of Edmonton which closed in 2004 and spawned the Pride Centre.

Todd Babiak, who wrote the article, clearly has a soft spot for the place as the article blasts right-wing non-profits that continually appear partisan, including the Catholic Archdiocese of Calgary, The CD Howe Institute and Focus on the Family. He also gives us a personal look into the facility.

He does say that, “No one is suggesting that the Roman Catholic diocese of Calgary should lose its status as a registered charity.” And here I would have to disagree with you Todd. It should lose its status, along with all other churches, mosques, synagogues, and even atheist organizations. Only groups that are truly non-partisan and reach out to better the community (as their sole goal) deserve the government endorsement of issuing tax receipts.

Nevertheless, this is unfortunate news for the city, and here’s to hoping that something new can fill the void that this centre will leave.