11 thoughts on “There’s probably no God at the UofA”

  1. The three I put up in the Ed building seem to have been taken down. I put them up on public use boards which held posters without stamps, a hojillion event posters, and — in one case — a mitten, so evidently these weren’t taken down due to policy. Finding the ripped remains of one in a garbage can was the icing — this happened *on the weekend*.

  2. I have gotten to see several on the first floor, center wing in Bio Sci. It made my day! No vandalism and they didn’t get taken down either. Has the UAAA gotten lots of complaint email’s yet?

    1. Not one complaint, but many are already missing and there’s stories of a few people who’ve torn them to shreds.

  3. I ripped one down, and i will rip more. Get ready to have no more posters, waste your money F A G G O T S

    1. I’m sorry you feel your ideas can’t compete and you need to censor what clearly challenges your faith so much you mush lash out. We will put more up. Every single poster that gets ripped down will be replaced.

  4. Censorship is the last resort of an idea that cannot stand on its own. Congratulations, Annonymous [sic].

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