BC STV more popular than NDP and Liberal leaders combined!

Finally, the polling data I wanted, and it’s awesome!

65 per cent saying they will vote for BC-STV in the upcoming referendum on May 12

Yes, 65% which is greater than the combined approval rating for Gordon Cambell and Carol James!

Even better, if BC:STV Yes can bring out the under 35 vote, they’re even more popular at >70%!

With weeks left to go, hopefully the campaign can inform the 66% of voters who still don’t know a referendum is going on there about STV and how it’s the Jesus of democracy (maybe not quite, but it’s definitely an improvement).

8 thoughts on “BC STV more popular than NDP and Liberal leaders combined!”

    1. Not sure, I’m not on the ground in BC. I think they’re highly coordinated in Vancouver and the Island and some parts of the interior. Hopefully the whole campaign comes together.

  1. MrvnMouse, don’t know what the GOTV plans are. However, the Yes campaign has people working for it from all political parties and some strong campaigners. (My local campaigner is dynamite!)

    Have no doubt the troops will be out in force on May 12th.

    Ian, you need to add your terahertzatheist site to the blog section of your Profile page!

    1. Which profile page? My Facebook page has it listed under “website” and the “Blogs” application. I have it under my Blogger profile as website (on the left hand column), I can’t list it as a “blog” since I’m running WordPress, not Blogger here (kinda shitty).

  2. I didn’t know about the 70% younger voters… that’s “sweet!”
    These people who came up with this system worked long and hard to find a system that could be agreeable.
    Many meetings and commutes and ofcourse differences of opinion.
    It came very close to a GO last time byt Carole James was not in favour saying she didn’t know enough about it. Well, my goodness, isn’t that your job to get informed?
    This year she is supporting it.
    Also, Adrian Carr had to be convinced last time by Green members to support it.
    Seems as tho all the parties are giving a thumbs up, even the Liberals.
    Still lots of complainers tho.

    1. As far as I know the NDP and Liberals are keeping mum on STV. The Greens have endorsed it though. I suspect the Grits and Dippers know their future majorities die when STV wins, but if they oppose it they risk alienating 65-70% of the electorate who supports STV.

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