Conservaspam…yet again

Today (meaning yesterday for me and last week for everyone not living in a condo) Edmonton Strathcona was blanketed, yet again, by taxpayer-supported Conservative Party spam.

This edition features very broad talk about lowering taxes and paying down the debt (which was more Chretien/Martin’s doing) and yet more “Stand up for Canada” badgering.

Interestingly, they do take this opportunity to remind us how “certain members of the opposition parties were plotting their undemocratic Coalition power-grab” while the Conservatives were clearly trying to fix the economy they didn’t think was broken using ultra-partisan attacks on women and worker’s rights (some of which made it into the budget anyway, and gained the more Conservative supportive Ignatieff’s votes).

The final bit of note from this piece of trash is that it comes not from Stephen Harper or Laurie Hawn, but from the wife of now unemployed (actually still a student) Rahim Jaffer, Ms. Helena Guergis, of the riding Simcoe-Grey in Southern Ontario (a long way from Edmonton).

Anyways, here’s the images for those interested:



Not entirely sure what I’ll write on this one, perhaps I’ll ask how ol’ Jaffer’s doing and if he thinks he can win the nod with the new competition.

Update: Here’s the message I squeezed into the few lines they give (and the PS below Harper’s mugshot):

Please do not mail me, you are not my MP. The Coalition was the first chance at DEMOCRACY* in Canada in a long time, so please refrain from lies & scare tactics.

P.S. How is Rahim enjoying retirement? You can keep him.

*By democracy, I refer to what the majority of Canadians want, which is not Mr. Harper.

In our system pro-roguing parliament without the confidence of the House is undemocratic.

And of course I checked Jack Layton, despite the nice arrow hinting at the “preferred” choice (does that really work on anyone?).

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  1. I get the same crap from Pierre Poilievre. Sadly, I am one of his constituents, but I do take great joy in pointing out his lies on his own flyer and sending it back to him.

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