Girl guides make progress

The Girl Guides of Canada have submitted a survey to their members to revise their “promise” (or pledge). The current one reads:

I promise to do my best,
To be true to myself, my God/faith* and Canada;
I will help others,
And accept the Guiding Law.

*Choose either the word God or the word faith according to your personal convictions.

They have proposed the following:

I promise to be true to myself, live the Guiding Law, and take action for a better world.

I promise to be true to myself, my community and Canada. I will help others and accept the Guiding Law.

Neither of the above.

Metro Toronto reports that:

Discussion began almost immediately on a Girl Guides Facebook page late last week after a survey on the promise arrived in the homes of Guiding leaders and families.

The debate, almost universally condemned the survey for containing no option to keep references to God or faith in the promise. [link added]

I wouldn’t say there’s a huge debate, or much about “universally condemning” anything. In fact their are only 26 posts by 12 people, of which eight are against the change, two would rather see the word belief instead of faith, one wants every Girl Guide to have their own Promise and one, the group’s creator and admin, is for the changes.

So good on the Guides for considering this change. Perhaps the next generation of Guides can be a bit more tolerant than their imposing parents.

4 thoughts on “Girl guides make progress”

  1. Good move.

    It’s too bad Scouts Canada is not so tolerant. Actually, not only do they require God in their pledge, but during the interviews for those who wish to be a leader, if someone answers that they have no faith or are an atheist or whatever they cannot be a leader.

    1. I didn’t know that. I do know that atheists and homosexuals are banned from the Scouts in the USA (and also receive a lot of public space / endorsement, thereby violating the First Amendment).

  2. You do realize you are a fascist for advocating forced governmental policy change in a non-governmental organization as a non-member? A private organization can do what it wishes, it is rights in reference to interactions with the government that are bound by equality under the constitution.

    Way to confuse public and private spheres of life, Hitler.

    1. I’m sorry, I missed where I said “The Girl Guides better do as I say or else…” Instead I said “good for them.” Don’t put words in my mouth.

      So sure, the Girl Guides can be as bigoted and prejudice as they want, but when they use publicly owned property (for discounts or free), then there’s some issues.

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