Can anyone stand the new Bob & Doug?

Old Bob and Doug MacKenzie is gold Canadiana:

New Bob & Doug is awful:

One Twitterer described it as:

I am really disappointed in this animated Bob and Doug MacKenzie… What a weird and boring right wing load of garbage…

Now, I haven’t sat through enough to determine it’s political slant, but it’s overall shittiness may have to do with the fact Global outsourced it to a California-based studio known as Animax Entertainment.

In the future Global, let’s keep the making fun of ourselves, to ourselves.

(And yes, I realize Dave Thomas, from the SCTV Original is working on this new one, but he clearly lacks the rest of the SCTV might).

One thought on “Can anyone stand the new Bob & Doug?”

  1. Hmmm, I watched one episode, and can’t even remember which one. I didn’t pick up that it was right wing, all I could get was that it was a gross waste of time. Does everything have to have a political slant, can’t it just be trash?

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