Convocation day

If for some reason you’re bored today between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm MDT, you can watch me and a ton of engineers cross the Jubilee Auditorium stage as we graduate from our undergraduate degrees from the University of Alberta.

This marks the first year that the UofA is making God a little more “optional” in the ceremony, with the admission charge being changed from asking us to use our degrees

…for the glory of God and honour of your country.


…for the uplifting of the whole people; to inspire the human spirit; for all who believe, to serve your God; and to pursue more steadfastly whatsoever things are true.

2 thoughts on “Convocation day”

  1. Personally I enjoy the convocation with the exception of what seemed very much to be an opening prayer. Perhaps the engineers did not have to bear witness to this but those graduating with honours or specialization were treated to a grand thanks to a creator, guiding us in it’s light. Other than that, shocking my parents no less, the ceremony was good.

    1. The Geers did get the same sort of opening prayer, unfortunately, that’s written by the chancellor and she can do with it what she pleases, perhaps in the future the UAAA can lobby against non-inclusive chancellors, but I was proud for what I got changed (I also think I wrote this post before I crossed the stage).

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