I thought I’d outrun the Conservaspam

Leaving the only opposition-held riding in Alberta, I thought I’d left the Conservaspam 10%ers behind for the most part. Being in a riding that was won in 2008 by 9% by the Liberals, and that being the election where the Liberals bombed worse than they ever have before, I thought they wouldn’t waste their paper on me anymore.

I was wrong.

About a week and a half ago I got this little trinket in my mailbox from Minister John “F-bomb” Baird:

harperAd 010

harperAd 011

And since that wasn’t enough, Baird made sure we got another one this week:

harperAd 012

harperAd 013

Yep, not only are they both classic Conservaspam, but both are nothing but sleazy attack ads on Michael Ignatieff.

I really like how the baggage numbers above the “Ignatieff: Just visiting” luggage are to the Calgary International Airport. Apparently Ignatieff was just visiting the Stampede. Wouldn’t it make more sense for Ignatieff to just be visiting Ottawa, or at least Toronto (where his riding is)?

Finally, I wonder what “horribly arrogant” quotes we could find for Stephen Harper (left as an exercise, since I have to run to class now).

5 thoughts on “I thought I’d outrun the Conservaspam”

    1. Safe Conservative seats you mean. I’ve heard of it blanketing close Con seats too – just in case anyone was thinking of changing their votes next time.

  1. I live in the very safe Conservative riding of Lethbridge and got one of the “check here” Conservaspam from our MP, Rick Casson, just a few weeks ago.

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