Oh meme oh my

I’ll play along with the tag that was given to me by Dr. Jim at his little tea room and thinking shop (or some iteration thereof). So what is my “something unusual about yourself that I probably wouldn’t guess about you”

  • I’ve never broken a bone and have 20/20 vision. The worst injury I’ve suffered was running my eye socket into a trailer ball hitch (missing my eye by less than an inch) and getting a few stitches for it. Beyond that my body’s in pretty prime condition.
  • This is roughly how experimental physicists view the work of theoreticians and is roughly about how productive I am with grad-level homework assignments:
  • When I was young (about grade 9/10) I wrote an essay for Social Studies about how I would vote Reform since the “West” wasn’t being heard and deserved a voice. I now realize that the “West’s” (meaning Alberta) voice is not that intelligent.

Anyways, for my half-dozen minus one tags, I choose:

Massimo at Exponential Book, Aditya at Heuristicism, Chris at In Vivo, Brian at Left as an Exercise, and Devin at Simulating Reality. Of course, feel free to propagate if I didn’t choose you.

2 thoughts on “Oh meme oh my”

  1. I maintain that Big Bang Theory would be funnier without the laugh track.

    By the way, what’s the protocol on tags when all the (personal) bloggers you know who’d respond have already been tagged? The blogs I follow tend to be either impersonal and thus unlikely to respond to tags, or too imposing for a shy geek like myself to approach.

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