Stimulus Starts at Home

Apparently the local SFU campus branch of Canada Post is closing on this upcoming Sunday due to “lack of profits” (the words of the local clerk).

SFU is on a freaking mountain, students and staff living on campus (either in residence or the expanding UniverCity community of what’s supposed to be a self-contained city) now have to make the 15 minute bus ride or drive down to the bottom of the mountain to find the nearest post office.

I thought Canada Post was supposed to be a service to Canadians, not a business that we’re making money off of.

One thought on “Stimulus Starts at Home”

  1. that sounds kinda fucked. where I work (DT T.O.) i have 3 Canada Post’s (2 stores, 1 outlet) literally witihin a 3 minute walk. yet your area of 10s of thousands has none? lame.

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