I guess they expected no one wanted to come

Who would have guessed that when the final round of Vancouver 2010 Olympic tickets went on sale this morning that a lot of people would try to buy them?

Did VANOC think the few protesters were the majority of people? Even just in Vancouver there’s upwards of 2 million people, let alone the people who plan to fly into town for the games.

So this morning everyone get’s greeted with this nice page:


Their Twitter feed is more helpful (all of these posts are 2 hours old):

  • Fans – making some progress on the tix site. Its getting better. Hang in there.
  • RT @mhlchong finally logged in!! – Congrats!
  • Folks, we’re aware of the issue on the tix site and hope to have that solved shortly. Hang in there – its a very popular site today. #2010
  • Hang in there folks, lots of traffic on the tix site today.

So no Olympic tickets for you. The tubes are full.

Update: The Province has picked up on the story. They report (second hand) that “Vanoc acknowledged network difficulties but hoped to resolve the problem quickly.” Call me skeptical.