4 thoughts on “Old Conservaspam buried on my desk”

    1. Sounds good. I’ve scanned almost every one that I’ve gotten and put them up here. I usually return them with little hope of affecting change.

      I know some one who worked for the Alberta NDP once told me how the NDP first used 10%ers to target a couple ridings years ago. I’m definitely in the camp where MP communication ought to be limited to one’s own riding (regardless of party).

  1. Ian,

    The NDP did use 10%ers that way, but it went like this: if we had arranged for say, Penny Priddy to come and visit the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona to give a talk of some sort, then Penny’s riding would send a 10%er to Edmonton-Strathcona to advertise that upcoming talk (with other generic NDP stuff covering the flyer to round it out). There was never any generic partisan spam of the sort that Hawn and Goldring are using.

    1. Fair enough. It’s feasible that could still come out of party funds as opposed to the MP office budgets though. But I’ll agree that the Cons brought a whole new low to partisan advertising (in more ways than just 10%ers).

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