More bad advice in the Liberal Party

The new, but old chief advisor to the Liberal party, Peter Donolo has this advice for the freefalling Liberals:

Donolo believes his task is "not so much to package (Ignatieff) as to unpackage him," allow him to be himself and to build on his strength as a thoughtful, insightful deep thinker – the very qualities that initially excited Liberals and evoked comparisons to Trudeau. [Emphasis added]

So does this mean we’ll get to hear more advice from Ignatieff on how torture is sometimes necessary (which makes him a perfect hypocrite to criticize Harper for potentially knowingly allowing torture) or how the USA is a great “empire lite.”

Yep. That’s the kind of person that will sell the Liberals to Canadians.

One thought on “More bad advice in the Liberal Party”

  1. This is funny. The canadian people (liberals included) do not like Iggy. Period. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

    And contrary to Donolo’s thinking, a rose with brighter petals and pricklier thorns isn’t going to make the cut either.

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