Blaspheme while you can

Extremist Muslims are continuing their push to ban the right to free speech and free press. They hope to soon twist the UNs arm into establishing “an international treaty to protect religious symbols and beliefs from mockery.” Luckily, the USA is heavily invested against this, and hopefully every other nation that values these freedoms stands behind Obama.

Free speech is about the right to say statements like Fuck Islam* or to publish this:


It’s also, unlike what the hypocrites of the right say, about the right to criticize Israel or George W. Bush.

You don’t have to like it, you easily can ignore it, change the channel, or speak back.

Human rights extend to all persons and as the Bible says there’s to be no sacred cows.

Of course, even though we have the right to be bigoted assholes, doesn’t mean we should, and many would do better to keep that in mind.

(h/t Hemant Mehta, the ever-Friendly Atheist)

* Fuck Islam in this article is intended at the radical Muslim extremists that want to force Sharia Law upon the world.

3 thoughts on “Blaspheme while you can”

  1. Hi robert.

    Gave up debating in the gun registry thread I see.
    I guess giving up is the only option one has when their side is wrong.
    Glad to see you realize it is time for the registry to be dismantled.

    with love,

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