‘Our party does not take a position on divisive social issues’

I call bullshit on Danielle Smith.

She recently did a live-chat for the Edmonton Journal’s Capital Notebook blog, and was asked a few times about her stance on gay marriage and equality for all. She answered:

Our party does not take a position on divisive social issues.

To that I say lies.

If the WRA forms a government in Alberta (even a minority), as the polls are dangerously suggesting, you can bet your unregistered firearms that there’s going to be more than a few social conservatives in her party.

Will she just let every vote on a “divisive social issue” be a free vote? Does her party stand against basic human rights?

I think the 39% of Albertans who are pissed at the Tories need to have a long hard look at this “upstart” party before they go dumping their vote on regressive climate denialists.

Of course, polls are meaningless when three-in-five of Albertans don’t vote.

This of course all has me hoping that these Reboot and Renew groups are actually more than techno-rhetoric.

One thought on “‘Our party does not take a position on divisive social issues’”

  1. Basic human rightsare just that: basic human rights.

    Not ‘made up rights you’ve decided to invent in the last decade’. Ergo, if one of those comes up for a vote, I’m voting against it. Anybody with an ounce of common sense is voting against it.

    And then, thankfully, it shall be gone.

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