What’s going on with the UofA SU?

The Gateway, the student newspaper at the University of Alberta, reported late yesterday that Students’ Union President Kory Mathewson submitted his letter of resignation effective Monday.

VP Operations and Finance Zack Fentiman will take over many of the roles in the meantime, but beyond that the article doesn’t get into much.

So can someone who’s still at the UofA dig anything up for me? It seems odd that anyone would quit a mere 3 months before the next executive elections.

3 thoughts on “What’s going on with the UofA SU?”

  1. In other words: Does “personal reasons” mean “someone close to me got very sick” personal reasons or “I did something very stupid” personal reasons?

  2. Yeah, one would think that anything serious enough to cause you to resign the SU presidency would also interfere with your improv schedule. And yet he blogged about a show today. Huh. Anyway, as long as it isn’t an attempt to cover up an embarrassing gaffe, I wish him well.

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