Haiti relief challenge

How many people are going to church this weekend? What about an atheist or secular humanist meeting? What about just meeting with some friends?

Pass around a hat, collect donations for the Haiti earthquake and drop the cash off at the nearest Red Cross office on Monday morning (or online).

I’ll collect at the BC Humanist meeting tomorrow and at my birthday party at the pub on Saturday and drop it off on Monday (I’ll even take a picture to prove it).

Remember, every dollar raised is being matched by the federal government.

5 thoughts on “Haiti relief challenge”

  1. Great, so whenever anyone donates money, the government steals a little bit of everyone else’s to match it. And Canada is a free country how?

    1. Because you get to vote for who steals your money. Don’t earn money and you won’t pay taxes.

  2. You live in a known earthquake zone, and you do not take the bare minimum of precautions to build proper earthquake resistant buildings. No sympathy.

    1. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world so these people don’t have the option to leave or build stronger buildings. Plus, even the upper class buildings, including embassies, were not prepared for a magnitude 7 quake. It’s pretty sad that you won’t shed a tear for 100,000 people dying.

  3. Hmm to live under Robber Baron A, or under Robber Baron B. I have such great choices as a serf! What is it that you enjoy about being a serf? Is it the servitude? Some of us can think outside such bleak possibilities, others enjoy serfdom. I see you have made your choice and I respect your decision. I prefer to keep the fruits of my labour, for myself.

    A series of tarps and wooden poles is both cheap and safe in an earthquake. You are thinking in the box again by assuming one ‘needs’ buildings made of brick and stone.

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