UBC Okanagan Chemistry prof can’t do science

Apparently Ed Neeland at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus in Kelowna has started a “Creation Club” and has written a big-old-bag of crazy for the local newspaper.

First, he misunderstands philosophy of science in that falsifiability is not the only way we actually do science and much of our knowledge is learned inductively.

He then decides that evolution is the same as the Big Bang and abiogenisis, neither of which Charles Darwin or subsequent evolutionary biologists have written about since neither of which deal with evolution by natural selection. Furthermore, both are wildly supported by facts and data, including experiments that demonstrate the basis for life. He seems to think that since it’s unobservable in a single lifetime that therefore the Bible is more right.

Finally, he obsesses about information again, with no definition of what it is that he’s talking about or demonstration that he even understands how biological evolution work.

Somehow, UBC decided to give this man a PhD in Chemistry and then hired him as an Associate Professor. I think they need to refund his money.

At least almost all of the comments on his article are trying to actually teach him science.

4 thoughts on “UBC Okanagan Chemistry prof can’t do science”

  1. He was probably an assistant professor at Okanagan University College and just retained the position when UBC took them over.

  2. Actually, he earned both the degree and the position. His students have loved his courses, and his research has resulted in patents that benefit the institution.

    The snide elitism of those who assume that nothing happened to nothing and everything happened truly are unscientific in their approach.

    Every “proof” of evolution that was presented when I was in school is now known to be false, a deliberate fraud, or contradicting evolution.

    How scientific is it to cling to a thoroughly dis proven concept yet criticize others for attempting to find real evidence.

    Until evolutionism can come up with a plausible theory for the origin of time, energy and matter, all they have to work with are assumptions.

    Not a great foundation for science.

  3. Call him a fool all you want. His knowledge of biology and organic chemistry is astounding. – and everything he says about creationism makes sense. Question everything around you, stop blindly believing facts thrown at you, and then, in the end, you’ll see that he was right.

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