Vancouver Skepticamp – Registration open

Just a quick plug for Vancouver’s upcoming third SkeptiCamp. This will be a great grassroots opportunity to meet like-minded sceptics and present and listen to some awesome topics.

I haven’t written it yet, but I’m hoping to present a talk on the evidence for the Big Bang, and relating that in elevator format. Roughly titled “13.7 billion years in 90 seconds.”

At least I have a 2-week break known as the Olympics to hammer out my talks.

The conference is on 20 March at UBC and registration is open, and t-shirts are available.

I hope to see you all there (if you’re in the lower mainland, otherwise, found your own).

One thought on “Vancouver Skepticamp – Registration open”

  1. Sounds cool. This kind of stuff always moderately interested me, but I didn’t exactly choose a field people like to hear about 😉

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