Harper at the Olympics

I think there’s a couple key things to think about while CTV shows Harper at every Olympic event they see him at:

  1. This a good reminder that the NDP gave their free Olympic tickets back to VANOC because they didn’t believe they were entitled to something average Canadians were having a difficult time getting their hands on any. Meanwhile Harper and the Conservatives had no problem reaping the perks (even he donates our tax dollars back to the Olympics).
  2. Seeing Harper at the Games should be a good reminder that he’s not at work right now.
  3. In Harper’s interview with CTV he stated his support of Canadian athletes, but that support apparently doesn’t extend to include the Own The Podium program that most of our athletes have been crediting to our record setting medal count.

4 thoughts on “Harper at the Olympics”

  1. Let also remember that in order to support the Canadian athletes at the Bejing Olympics, Harper refused to attend.

  2. You sound like sour grapes.

    Nice to see our PM represent Canada, very proud of him.

    Nice to see our Canadian boys beat Ignatieff’s “we Americans” to win GOLD in Hockey.

  3. Wait, how is that sour grapes? Seriously, that doesn’t even make sense.

    Also, as our PM it’s his job to represent Canada, so, er, like how as a parent it’s your job not to beat your kids? You don’t get congratulated for being barely competent at not hitting your children; conversely, Harper hasn’t actually even been doing his job for the past two months. So yeah, good that he bothered to attend the premiere TV-arama of the winter? Sure, yeah, good job!

  4. Plus, he looked like a wax doll. Yes, I know, that has nothing to do with competence. But still. Every time the camera focused on him I was like, “Is he REAL? Or did he send a wax figurine in his stead?” Emotion, Harper. It’s what the rest of Canada feels right now!

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