En route to being the next US state

Harper and Obama are apparently forging onwards with the loathed Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) that Paul Martin and George Bush started years ago and only abandoned after massive public outcry.

The new deal apparently discusses building a ‘perimeter’ around North America and has been developed (like all these agreements seem to be) behind closed doors with no consultation.

I personally don’t even have much against increased cooperation and easing the ability to move and trade across the borders, but yet these deals never seem to actually consult with the actual citizens that they’re supposed to serve.

Where are the townhalls, informational websites and meetings where we can discuss the issues?

If this deal is so necessary for the future prosperity of our country, then the facts should speak for themselves and we should have a dialogue, as a country about it.

Selling our sovereignty without so much as a House of Commons vote is anti-democratic and non-constitutional (as Jack Layton put it).

It’s partially for this reason that I’ve set up the Reason Party  movements (Vancouver, BC and Canada) – to counteract the antidemocratic trends of our various governments and to re-engage the public in the leadership of our governments.

2 thoughts on “En route to being the next US state”

  1. I hope this means we can get Checkers here, those boygoys look f–in’ DELISH!!!

  2. what it means is jackbooted nsa guys can search our junk whenever they think we may be a threat to security of the system. i say we shut this down!!

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