Wait… seriously?

Not sure what I can say about this:

NDP candidate in Mississauga bows out to support Tories

A former New Democratic Party candidate in Mississauga has vaulted across the political spectrum and decided to back the Conservative Party.

Wait… what?

Apparently Mustafa Rizvi, nicknamed Darth Rizvi in the comments, was an NDP candidate in 2008 and was nominated again in the riding this time, but decided he didn’t fit with the party.

…he decided to defect because he wasn’t getting enough support from his party, he thought there were no problems with the Tories’ budget and he feared the NDP and Liberals would form a coalition. He said a coalition would be a bad idea, citing the example of Great Britain, where a joint government of Tories and Liberal Democrats has seen some friction.

"I was feeling there was a lack of leadership with this whole coalition factor they were trying to come through with," he told The Globe and Mail.


Mr. Rizvi acknowledged that jumping from the left-wing NDP to its ideological opposite was a "drastic shift of allegiance," but repeated another Tory campaign slogan in saying he couldn’t back the Liberals because he thought Mr. Ignatieff might return to a teaching post at Harvard University if he lost the election.

I think someone’s had enough kool-aid. I think there’s Conservatives who don’t even believe all the rhetoric they spew, but this is absurd.

"He’s quite an ambitious young guy," [riding association president] Mr. Khawaja said. "He just wanted a stepping-stone."

The following day, Mr. Rizvi will be meeting with Tory officials.

Well he definitely got his stepping stone.

A part of me thinks he did this just for the media attention, really, why else do a Globe and Mail interview? Nevertheless, I shake my head.

5 thoughts on “Wait… seriously?”

  1. I just read an article at the Toronto Start about this… I got curious about it all, because of how mind-boggling it is to switch from running for the NDP to wanting to “support a Harper majority”, so I googled Mustafa Rizvi NDP and your site is on page 2.

    On the first page of the results, I found this:
    …an article from 2008 entitled
    “NDP candidate denies being a ‘Conservative agent’ ”

    I don’t live in that area, so I don’t know anything about it other than those articles, but it seems quite possible that he was a secret Conservative and ran to split the vote in 2008, and made this announcement now to help the Cons again.

  2. Note: This story came up yesterday evening so I’m thinking it’s not an April Fool’s joke… but there’s an off-chance it is.

    1. I remember seeing that video… didn’t realize he’s in that same riding. It was one of the greatest political ads I’ve seen in a long time (or maybe ever).

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