BC NDP: By the numbers

(Note: I would have delayed this post until tomorrow; however, I wanted fresh numbers here, guess you have to deal with extra posts today).

I like leaders who get social media. So how are the candidates stacking up on Facebook?

Dana Larsen: 1816 likes, latest post an hour ago

Mike Farnworth: 667 likes, latest post an hour ago

Nicholas Simons (dropped out): 565 likes

John Horgan: 562 likes, latest post an hour ago

Adrian Dix: 272 likes, latest post an hour ago

Dana’s lead is quite impressive. He’s more popular than the rest of the candidates combined (if we don’t count Simons). It’s also good to note that they’re all updating their pages. So despite Dix’s small numbers, the platform is still being used (just not to its full potential).

It’s worth noting that the BC NDP page has 1166 likes and was last updated 22 hours ago.

However, the BC NDP membership is reportedly around 30,000 and with likely 50-60% voting, that means Larsen will need a lot more support than that to bring him up in the pack.

I’d count twitter followers too, but many people follow twitterers from across the spectrum (at least I do).