I’m a “McCarthyite on the War Path”

Tim Bloedow, original founder of website Christian Governance, believes that there is a “secular-humanist assault on Christianity in Canada” and posted a comment here (and carbon-copied on Canadian Atheist),

Canada’s secularists – mostly atheists/humanists – are at war with Canada’s foundational principles of justice and liberty: equality before the law, the rule of law and division of powers – distinctively Christian principles.
In order to distract Canadians from their scurrilous behavior, they have directed their militant "McCarthyite" rage against Canada’s Christian MPs, as this article reveals – as well as a French Le Devoir article published today. The atheists are showing their fangs. Nice to see the key role that Canada’s Christian-hating mainstream media are playing in this warfare strategy.

He has even gone so far as to repost (I’m sure that violates both my, and PostMedia’s copyrights) my religion and politics article on his website No Apologies with the paranoid title “ATHEIST MCCARTHYITES ON THE WAR PATH’.”

The Le Devoir article he references is found here, and one of my friends with more French literacy translates and summarizes it:

1. In the first part of the article, they talk about a liberal female MP who went into anaphylactic shock because she was eating at a restaurant earlier in the day that serves seafood (which she’s allergic to) and the scent later caused the reaction. Three CPC MPs, instead of administering any kind of aid to her, got down on their knees and did something that looked like they were giving her a religious blessing. The people on the plane did not want to call them out on it, because they were afraid they would be labelled as intolerant.
2. Another CPC MP was talking about adoption and that how he too was "adopted"; he had his biological family and his adopted family, which turns out to be Jesus and company. In the end, he basically says divine adoption takes precedence over real adoption.
3. Faytene Kryskow, a religious militant (their words, not mine), was given a laissez-passer certificate (basically let them go through without question) for the Parliament building from a Conservative MP. Kryskow is apparently the director of 4MyCanada, an organization that wants to return traditional family values to our country.
4. Last but not least, the good Minister Kenney. While at SFU, a group of young women were handing out pamphlets on abortion, but the University said no and so they (the young women) threatened to take it to the courts. The University backed off and adopted a code which said what was tolerated in terms of expression.
Kenney said that the code was stupid and basically went on to say that now anyone could go on campus to spread their message, from the Ku Klux Klan to pedophiles. He then wrote to the Catholic Church asking them to revoke the Catholic status of the University (in summation, he cried like a little bitch).

Some of which is found in Marci McDonald’s The Armageddon Factor, which references Tim Bloedow 6 different times, among them:

  1. He wrote a 132-page book called “Environmentalism and the Death of Science: Exposing the Lie of Eco-Religion” where he argues that there is no environmental crisis and that we should let Jesus and the free market save us. This received praise from national columnist Lorne Gunter and he worked for Saskatoon-Wanuskewin Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott. (p. 117)
  2. Vellacott issued an invitation on behalf of Christian nationalist Charles McVety to all MPs to watch Ben Stein’s Expelled. McDonald notes that both McVety and Bloedow attack the environmental movement. (p. 206)
  3. Backers of Bloedow’s website include a number of wealthy Canadian businessmen – Hamilton’s Al Schutten and Martinrea chair Rob Wildeboer – the latter of whom was appointed by Harper to the “Science, Technology and Innovation Council.” Bloedow was also appointed as chair of the “Equipping Christians for the Public Square (ECP) Centre,” which defended homophobic Christians who got in legal trouble for their words. (p. 276)
  4. Bloedow sees the Supreme Court as the major obstacle for the “re-Christianization” of Canada and called for dismantling the courts. Bloedow has an odd mix of Libertarian –Christianity where local governments could handle justice issues. He’s failed to explain how this would work in a fair or reasonable way (i.e. not just tribal vendettas and bigotry ruling). (p. 280)

But what strikes me most is the blatant ignorance of throwing out terms like “McCarthyism” without understanding the underlying irony of a Christian levelling such a claim against an atheist. During the Red Scare, Senator Joe McCarthy fear-mongered about the atheist communist threat to America, and subsequently the USA passed many pro-Christian signs of support, including adopting “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The McCarthyism of the day was based on fear and lies. Atheists are not trying to repress Christianity using the state, but instead to recognize that in a multicultural, pluralistic country, we can no longer continue making laws that recognize only one sub-sect of society. All people are equal.

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