Canada Day article

I almost completely missed a chance at some shameless self promotion. For Canada day I was asked to submit an article to a renewal of their “Real Agenda” issue that ran gathered bloggers opinions during the recent election.

I came up with a shorter piece on our country’s need for a vision to replace the cynical politics that seems to rule today.

A tease:

With our country’s 144th birthday upon us, we ought to stop, recollect, and decide our vision for this diverse land. Perhaps it is a part of our perpetual national identity crisis, but I believe that we need to rekindle the belief in a better future that drove the exploration and formation of Canada.

Visionary examples fill our history, from our transnational railway, to establishing the international peacekeeping forces of the United Nations, to Tommy Douglas’ universal health care system. Yet, the past few decades have lacked that vision, with our only goal of the 1990s being to eliminate the federal deficit.