Canadian airports x-ray homeopathy now

I got a message today from a friend who works in airport security that represents another skeptic win (that makes two this week):

I thought you all might be interested in the fact that homeopathic medication is no longer exempt from going through the X-Ray at the airport. I’m not sure what prompted this change, but it’s an interesting development.

It’s not clear if it’s an official change or just something that was brought in at the local level, but it’s good to know that glorified water isn’t receiving a special treatment anymore.

Of course practitioners will be upset, because when you deal with unsubstantiated magic, you get comments like these:


Day before Y’day I was searching Homeopathy books for this topic, At-last I got book "Homeopathy The modern Prescriber" A Practical Guide to Treatment by Henrietta Wells First published in UK 2002 published by arrangment with Watkins Publishing, London and also published by New Age Books New Delhi for every one web ref

In this book in page 187 (51. Care of remedies when travelling) it has clearly mentioned that Remedies should not go thorugh the X-Ray machines used for security at air port. Two pages details are given what precautions to be taken etc. If any one interested let me know so that I can scanned the same and put for others also to know.

But surprise to know , This forum is having all expert from nation and international level but no concrete comments & explanation has come out for care to be taken. May be what is mentioned in Henrietta Wells book how far it is true. but at-least I got some postive reply.