Albertans: More progressive than their government

A couple years ago, the Alberta government bared a storm of criticism and pushed ahead with an ideologically-driven cut when it delisted gender reassignment surgery as a covered medical procedure. This is a procedure even Iran pays half for.

So it’s good to hear stories like this:

The landslide winner of a radio station’s controversial breast implant contest is a transgender Calgarian.

The winner of the Amp Radio contest, named by the station only as a musician called Avery, tallied 76 per cent of 30,000 online votes.

While an internet contest isn’t necessarily limited to Calgarians, it makes me proud to see that not only did Avery win, but did so by a landslide.

In an era when trans rights bills are still being stalled by our Conservative overloard government and his unelected Senate, it’s good to see some progress on treating each other as equals.

Make sure to watch the interview with Avery when they announce the winner:

3 thoughts on “Albertans: More progressive than their government”

  1. At 30k votes, I’m thinking someone was running some scripts to run up the total.

    1. Even if that was the case, the radio station’s judges were noble enough to put Avery in the final 3.

  2. It’s noteworthy that gender reassignment surgery in Iran is done as part of their campaign to stamp out homosexuality. It doesn’t include the pre-opt period you see in Canada, nor is there an option to be a non-op TG. It also ends up in destroyed lives – I’ve seen some interviews with post-op girls, and it was heartwrenching. This is mentioned in the BBC article that you linked.

    As well, as I mentioned when you first posted about the Amp contest on your website, this contest was by no means progressive. It had women with low self esteem, already under attack by shit like Jersey Shore, post pictures of themselves to be ridiculed over who has the worst chest.

    The contest turned out the way it did in part because of ballot stuffing from websites like FARK:

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