I was wrong on Dix

In the BC NDP leadership race, I ranked my top candidates as Simons, Farnwroth, Horgan, Dix, and Larson.

While I had been disappointed with Carole James’ approach as leader, and her generally ineffectiveness, I found Adrian Dix’s campaign to be too harsh and likely to lead to an opposition of negativity. I specifically said “His style is too closed and divisive for me to support him.”

My criticisms of the possibility that he might stifle the grassroots will either be born out or refuted at this December’s convention (which I’ll be attending), but my fear that he’d be a relentless attack dog with little positive progressiveness to offer was off the mark.

And I’m glad I was wrong.

Thus far, I am more than happy with the performance of Adrian Dix as BC NDP leader.

This latest article by Vancouver Sun legislative correspondent Jonathon Fowlie is almost glowing praise for Dix. Specifically it highlights that coupled with every criticism that Dix offers up for Christy Clark’s leadership, he provides a positive position – be it offering to support a letter demanding a good contract on the RCMP from the federal government or his promise to push policy on jobs and the economy forward over the coming months.

I won’t be so proud as to say that I wish Dix hadn’t won, as it looks like he’s doing a fine job mending the wounds of a year ago and focussing on pushing forward in the manner that would make Jack proud.